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For 40 years for executives and managers, in international management, business ethics, technical English, French as a Foreign Language (FLE), both in France and in Europe, and now since 2022 in the Indian Ocean (Madagascar).

Translation & Interprétation

Translator-interpreter Since 1981, mainly in the French-English and English-French language combinations with the additional working languages Spanish and German, from which I can translate into French.


Training and consultancy are often closely linked, especially when it comes to supporting companies involved in business ethics, good governance and good practice. In particular, to preparing for an external audit, prior to ECOVADIS or SMETA certifications. It can also be a question of advising a French company wishing to set up in the Indian Ocean or looking for a Malagasy partner, for example.


As a mentor and coach, I support my clients to help them bring out their potential and skills, both in business and in their personal lives, which are often two interdependent areas.

Head Office Lemarié Consulting International SARLU Antananarivo 101
Head Office Lemarié Consulting International SARLU 1 rue Ingereza Galerie 9 - D8 Tsaralalana Antananarivo 101

Head Office: 1 rue Ingereza – Galerie 9 – D8 Tsaralalana  Antananarivo 101 Madagascar

About us?

My objective in my consulting and training activities in the Indian Ocean and internationally is to help my clients understand the French culture and communicate better with their business partners, so that they can be more efficient in their business. I have an international background and have worked in various countries in Europe as a trainer, translator & interpreter and associate professor at the University of Le Havre Normandie, France. I am fluent in English almost as my mother tongue, as well as Spanish and German. I have a basic knowledge of Bulgarian and am currently learning Malagasy.

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Patrick Jean Christian Lemarié

#Consultant, #Trainer #Translator and #Interpreter at Lemarié Consulting International SARLU. I connect people, #cultures and #languages.

Patrick Lemarié - Consultant en Management International

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