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Before you decide to work with me, 

you may want to get to know me better and understand what led me to become a translator-interpreter and then an international management consultant.

I like connecting people, cultures and languages.

At the age of 10 I saw a film that deeply marked and inspired me on my life’s journey.

“Le Cerf-volant du bout du monde” (The Kite at the End of the World) by Roger Pigaut in 1958. The story takes place in Montmartre in the 50’s. Children find a kite in a tree and discover a letter written in Mandarin (Chinese).

A Chinese antique dealer translates the letter to them in which they learn that a little boy, Song Tsiao Tsing, is waiting for an answer. Their quest to find their future friend at the end of the world will take them beyond their habits and culture. At that age I was fascinated by the ability of this conveyor of meaning represented by the antique sinologist.

Later, at the age of 14, I discovered the English culture and the twin city of Lillebonne, Wellington in Somerset.

I took part in many exchanges, was a guide and then the secretary of the twin towns association. A great adventure.

I translated and interpreted during cultural exchanges in the framework of this twinning when I was in my final year of secondary school. 

Naturally, I wanted to be a conveyor of meaning, like the antique dealer in the film. This quest has not left me. I studied translation and interpreting, then terminology, and later I trained as a coach and did courses in transactional analysis and other related disciplines, because the bridges to understanding men and women also go beyond languages.

Read my article Translating beyond words (adapted from my initial version in French:

The initial French version: 

I remember the stress I felt during my first interpreting assignments, 

then the assignments continued and with them a certain amount of self-confidence, which may be a real obstacle to keep improving when it leads to certainties.

My quest continued, deepened, to evolve towards coaching and training in business ethics and international management.

 Today, I still take great pleasure in translating my clients’ documents, mainly in the English-French and French-English language pairs.

I enjoy accompanying my clients during training and consulting missions in business ethics or on missions abroad. 

(see last mission in Madagascar )

You probably also have a story to tell me, that of a passion that inspired your choice of profession, haven’t you?

Let’s connect!